It was ten years ago this week that I started Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd. During that time I have often been asked, “What’s the story behind your logo?”. I normally answer this at the end of a workshop or presentation but, after a decade, it’s time to give a more public answer.

Early on in the process of setting up the business I honed in on a one-sentence description of what I wanted to achieve with my work, “Engaging and inspiring people to bring about change”. So, when my friend Mike Marshall of EastSleepThink offered to design my logo for me, that’s the brief I gave him – try and reflect that goal visually.

Mike and his team went away and riffed on the theme of change and came up with a number of designs. One memorable option was an egg. Mike explained he saw eggs as representing new starts (I had left the comfort of employment for new life working for myself) as well as a process of change. However, his key inspiration was that apparently my bald head reminded him of an egg!

Rob's head
Rob’s head
An egg
An egg

Of all the designs that Mike and the team came up with, the one that I liked most was the blue chameleon. Why?

  • Blue is my favourite colour.
  • The chameleon represents dynamic change, adapting to its environment.
  • I thought it looked cool.
  • My children – then ten and twelve years old – applied their childhood alliterative skills to name it Colin the Chameleon.

The decision was made.

Colin the Chameleon - Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd logo
Colin the Chameleon – Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd logo

Since that day in early 2011, Colin has appeared on slidedecks and handouts front of thousands of workshop participants, conference attendees and event audiences as well as featuring on my website, social media, print, shirts and other marketing materials.

So that’s the story of our logo. Colin the chameleon signifies change. The inspiration for you to make that change is down to me.

If you’d like to know more about how Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd can help you engage and inspire people to bring about change the drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

I am forever grateful to Mike and his colleagues for their support getting my business up and running almost a decade ago. If you need brand and design work doing, please do consider EastSleepThink.

Find out more about Rob and Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd on the website.

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